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We understand jewelry from the aesthetic point of view, as a work of art embodied with technique and aesthetics. That's why, from our own workshop, we develop all kinds of custom-designed jewelry, designed for each person and every moment.

The jewels symbolize memories, people, unforgettable moments that should never disappear. If you have a beloved jewel that has undergone the passage of time, do not give up on it. You can count on us to return its original splendor, with all the guarantees and security that our jewelry shop can provide you

Our Gemological laboratory

Gemas Mallorca SA with more than 25 years of experience in the gem market and through its qualified gemologists in the most important centers of the diamond world, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York , analyzes, studies and issues a certificate of the gem.

Determining its weight, color, purity, symmetry, size , in addition to its value in the most important diamond bags in the world, through the Rapaport updated weekly. Home  Our laboratory in addition to the so-called 4C in diamonds (Color, Cating, Carat, Clarity) we add a highly valued 5th C by the owners of a diamond that is the Certificate .

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valoramos joyas & gemas
Expertise & Valuations

It is always interesting to have your jewelry priced regardless of the number, because many times we do not know the current value of jewelry, which usually gain value over time.

Peritaje judicial
Precious metal tuning

Service of recovery and tuning of precious metals through an integral and transparent process, we also analyze, certify and check the contrasts..

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